Thursday, December 6, 2007
Pinkeep Exchange
I received a package on Monday afternoon... however due to some technical difficulties i am only able to update my blog today... hehe sorry for the delay.

Inside this package was a lovely pinkeep from my partner, Index.

See I can also gantung it! Nice kan?

I've noticed that whenever Index takes part in an exchange, she will always add something extra and this time was no exception. She also made a lovely doily for Cik Noxxa, my hardworking maid! When I looked at the doily it crossed my mind that even though she must have been very very busy packing at that time, she still took the time and trouble to make that something extra for me.... For that I am very grateful.... thank you my dear Index.

So here is Cik Noxxa with her new Index says we must keep our hardworking maids happy! Btw the doily is very neat and nicely done, you wouldn't know that it was done by a beginner.

And this is another pic of the goodies that I got... of course one can never forget the surat cinta! To my dear friend Index...thank you for everything.... hope you are settling down well in your new place and will be very very happy there....


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