Saturday, October 20, 2007
Projek Bulan Puasa....
Didn't manage to do much during the fasting month, but I did complete two small projects.

The first is a scissor fob - Heart Throb from the Drawn Thread. It was a joy to stitch and took only one day to complete.

The second is Four Little Strawberries. When I started it, I planned to finish it as a scissor fob also but it was a little too big. So a mattress pincushion came to mind (who wouldn't be influenced after reading Min's blog huh!). But thinking of all the BACKSTITCHES that had to be done totally put me off!

So I opted for a pinkeep instead... So this is my first Pinkeep

I still want to do a mattress pincushion tho!


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Thursday, October 4, 2007
SAL - as of end Sept

This is what I managed to do last month. At least my SAL dah tak rongak! I still have fill in all the white spaces, n the backstitching needs to be done before the second shelf is complete...


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