Tuesday, December 23, 2008
My Garden....
Hello and Salam semua.....

Lama sungguh tak update blog kan. Well nothing much to show and I haven't been in the stitching mood lately.

Anyway all I have to show is How My Garden Grows, Parts 9 & 10. Actually dah lama dah snap photo tapi malas nak upload kat sini!!! The final parts ie part 11 & 12 dah ada but I haven't started on it yet. Maybe next year hehe....

This next pic is up to part 8. For this sampler, we were asked to choose 2 greens, one darker and one lighter. For the lighter green I decided to use DMC variation, tapi from the beginning I didn't like the color I choose but I still used it hoping that it would grow on me. Tapi after many, many months I still didn't like it and it kinda spoiled the sampler for me. So masa buat part 10, I decided to unpick all the lighter green and replace it with another color. And finally I can say that I am truly satisfied with it! Maybe kat sini the color change is not so obvious but if u look carefully at the leaves on the sides of the sampler you can see the difference!

So I just put in this older picture so that you can see the before and after floss change! I know it's a bit dumb to wait so long baru nak tukar the color tapi when I thought of all the unpicking I was put off. But then after all the work that has been put in it, I might as well be totally satisfied with it right?


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