Thursday, July 10, 2008
Pocket Book

Every month bila dapat TGOS mesti ada some pattern that catches my eye but time and energy does not permit me to stitch everything that I want to! But after finishing my PV, I told myself that I won't start any big projects yet, want to try and do some smalls. So this is the first one. It's from TGOS, January 08. Took me about two weeks to stitch and a few more days to complete the finishing.
The problem with me is when I finish the stitching I'm soooo lazy to do the finishing.....
I made two small changes to the pattern, the first cos I didn't count properly and didn't want to do any frogging. The second was because I thought it looked better that way!
Anyway this is the finished product, I used good old DMC instead of the recommended silk threads...


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