Friday, February 20, 2009
Hello and salam semua...Lama sungguh tak update blog kan. Haven't been doing much, entahlah sekarang ni tengah case Ultra Malas!!

Sambil2 layan angin malas tu buat jugak tatting. Pilih design simple2 so that it's not too taxing on my brain ...hehe!

This is the first piece. Pattern ni from Sis Faizon. I plan to make it into a table runner. Still a long, long way to go.

This next piece is a doily that i started last year, lepas tu letak tepi and then I finally completed it. It's called The Miracle but as you can see it doesn't lay down flat. I read that kena buat blocking but with my malas mood I don't know when I will try it!

Anyway, thanks for dropping by. Don't know when the next update will be and yes Salmi I still have your tag to do!


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