Friday, May 16, 2008
Happy Teacher's Day

Normally for teacher's day I will just buy cards for Athirah to give her kira kes malas le ni. Tapi tahun ni
terlebih rajin pulak... I told her that I would bake cookies for them!!! I thought she only wanted
to give a few teachers, so told her to kira how many teachers dia nak bagi... she told me 9...
Terkejut jugak....hehe

So since dah janji terpaksalah buat kan... put the cookies in nice container for her Std 1, 2 & 3 class teachers (ni kira kes ganti cos tak bagi hadiah dulu!!!) and the rest I put in a bag...

Jenuh jugak nak pack and seal the bags...had to do the old fashioned way...guna candle!!!

So the past few days I have been busy with this and have had very very little time and energy for cross-stitch...hmmmm

Anyway Happy Teacher's Day to any teachers who read this blog.... uhmmm ada ke?


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