Wednesday, August 13, 2008
A little bit of this and that...
Hari tu Mus kata dah lama tak nampak masak-masak kat sini.... Well maybe it's because me dah lama tak masak2 anything special. But last weekend my sis-in-law had a birthday party for 2 of her kids so I decided to make this pudding :

Rainbow Pudding

I like to make this pudding, kira senang jugaklah and can main-main with different colors. If I make it for the family I just do half a recipe and put it into small containers... so senang budak2 ni nak makan, tak payah potong.

Kali ni I used safe colors ie pink, yellow and green. Jangan tak tahu, the last time I made it, I used pink, purple, yellow and blue. I accidentally poured too much of the jadilah macam
cartoon SMURF tu!!!

Latest Project:

Ni pulak my latest project. It's called Violet Vignette by my favorite designer of course! I started this on 01/08, as usual my progress has been slow. It's a small project, not too many half stitches and quarter stitches. I hope to finish it by the end of the year....yeah right!!

Tatting pulak!

This doily is called the Miracle... hmm I wonder why that name was chosen!

Dah lama dah start. It has 4 rows, I'm now working on row 3. I had to redo row 2 cos just as I was about to finish that row I noticed a mistake that couldn't be hidden.

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